Warlock Media, run by the award winning marketer Chris Angus, stands alone in competitive niches where strong growth is required. They are a premium Internet marketing agency, which rather than just looking at Google rankings, understands what businesses need and concentrates on the bottom line. The company has played a significant part in propelling my business turnover from 9 to 10 figures.

Bruce Tucker Vice President of Marketing for InteriorMark, LLC

Specialist Online Marketers

Now more than ever, getting your brand or services out to a wider audience depends directly on the success of your online marketing campaign. Warlock Media employs a team of specialists that can help you build the online presence you seek, through a combination of analytics, inbound marketing strategies, website design and infographics. We can also help in the creation of specific campaigns which target desired areas in your business – everything from pay per lead advertising to content promotion, video and viral marketing, email marketing design and PHP outsourcing. Let us reveal how successful your existing strategies are, define existing weaknesses in your website and suggest the most effective ways to obtain the most from your online presence. Warlock Media doesn’t just formulate a successful marketing strategy; we can also provide you with content that is so engaging, it is likely to be shared frequently on the most popular social media sites.

Why Inbound Marketing?

In the past, marketers searched for the most efficient ways to reach a target audience by placing advertisements in print media, television or billboards (i.e. outbound marketing). However, these days, it’s all about inbound marketing: the ability to create high quality content, attracting potential clients to your site instead of your competitors'. Increasing your conversion rate depends on many factors, including quality web design, a comprehensive analysis of which aspects of your site are working and which can be improved, and an ability to attract your target audience through features such as interesting blog entries, well drafted marketing material, free products (like ebooks and reports) and efficiently targeted emails. Search Engine Optimisation, which involves the use of effective keywords and phrases to improve your Google ranking, is another crucial strategy to increase traffic to your site. Warlock Media employs specialists copywriters, marketers and designers to help you do just that.

Internet Marketing

The popularity of the Internet has grown exponentially in the last decade, causing marketing strategies to change drastically. Warlock Media specialises in Internet Marketing. We take laborious tasks (like conducting research on relevant keywords, trends and demographics) off your hands, accompanying you from A to Z, every step of the way. Effective Internet Marketing begins with a well-designed website which is stylish, mobile compatible and rich in quality content. We employ a talented team of professional copywriters who are able to create dynamic content for blogs, articles, emails, and more. The more entertaining, useful or informative your content is, the more likely it is to be shared across the powerful realm of social media, which consumers rely heavily on these days to make purchasing decisions. Warlock Media can help you out with specific marketing techniques, like Pay Per Lead advertising and Search Engine Optimisation, to encourage more traffic to your site from your target audience. We can also raise your conversion rate by helping you build attractive products, such as e-books, free resources and newsletters. When it comes to the visual, we can help you create content that really makes an impact, working hard to create content that is so good, it goes viral.